The Spontaneous Constructs theme symbolizes the spontaneity of movement. It is the randomness of how things may come together: seemingly chaotically but at the same time beautifully and harmoniously. Images that created a palette of Cerulean, Azure and French Navy blues along with black and varying shades of grey and whites were chosen as the colour direction. The market chosen for this print development was resort and although we may associate resort prints with splashes of lively colours, the Spontaneous Constructs palette takes a more subtle approach. The predominant blues liven up the prints in a soft and sophisticated way, while also creating a connection with water and evoking a sense of relaxation.

 The design process consisted of experimenting with hand sketched drawings using graphite and watercolour media. The watercolour drawings were chosen to give the prints a sense of lightness and impermanence. Drawings were combined together and repeated in a seemingly random manner to create "Spontaneous Constructs".

Above image: Spontaneous Constructs Moodboard

Above image: Leafs & Flowers print | before colouring

Above image: Airy Dots print | before colouring

Above image: Abstract Water print | before colouring

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