“It’s only one straw,” said 8 billion people." – Unknown

The fashion design industry creates idealistic, aspiring worlds that every one of us strives for...but in doing so, we sacrifice our own reality. Fashion's biggest design flaw is waste. Right now, the fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world, just behind oil. Zero waste, also known as "closing the loop" or "circular fashion" is a philosophy about striving to eliminate waste completely- or at least, in some parts of the fashion industry chain.
I believe that zero waste is about interconnectedness. Only by being connected with our environment can we start making a meaningful systemic change towards sustainability. Although the concept of zero waste comes down to the product being ultimately biodegradable or fully recyclable, the "Zero Waste Coat" project explored zero waste in production by not wasting any of the fabric used to create the coat.

Photography: Ermin Badzak
Scale: 15%
Fabric: 100% Polyester 
Fabric width: 152cm 
Fabric length utilized: 193cm 
Type of seam: Flat felled 
Threads: 100% polyester 
Thread colours used: 
1. Peach 
2. Black 
Two different colour threads were used because of the garment being reversible. Aesthetically, I wanted the thread to show as little as possible.
Note: Dashed lines indicate fold
A. Front 
B. Back 
C. Collar 
D. Belt 
E. Belt extension 
F. Belt loops 
G. Hem extension 
H. Pockets 
I. Bag
*bag not included in images 

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