Lazy Summer is a concept that focuses on lounging swimwear: it's for those days where you want to relax by a pool, yet you're ready for a photo anytime. This is a personal project I undertook to explore swimwear design. I associate swimwear with escapism, relaxation since swimwear connects with many of our most fun memories. My upbringing around the world exposed me to many different holiday destinations (Asia, South America, Europe and North America) that required swimwear, so I enjoyed this personal project very much. 
My inspiration for the colour palette was sparked by the colours of the print and I wanted to keep the collection commercial and very wearable to many women, therefore the cut and fit of each piece was decided on whether it would suit a variety of body shapes and how each cut could flatter a woman's silhouette; this was achieved through research of existing swimwear brands.  Production took place in a facility in Medellin, Colombia and I oversaw fittings and sample development. Once the samples were finalized and produced, the photoshoot was next: choosing an appropriate location and managing set design that would ultimately fit with the mood and target market of the collection.
Location: Hotel Fairmont Pacific Rim, Vancouver, Canada 
Creative Direction & Set Design: Marysol Folkesson
Photography: Mauricio Chandia

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